That girl needs therapy.

23 Oct

Hydrotherapy that is. Since getting out of hospital I have only had one hydro session and although I really enjoy being in the water especially swimming pools (when my family finally settled in Queensland my dad invested in a beautiful inground swimming pool for us all and my brother and I practically lived in it) I don’t like over-chlorinated, luke warm (34 degrees C, just 3 degrees cooler than blood) pools. I was the only out-patient at my first session, with the other 11 patients all being still in-patients at the hospital, but they all played volleyball and pass-the-ball and went into the huge spa at the of the lesson but I wasn’t allowed to do any of that. I had walk frontwards, sideways and, just to shake things up a bit, backwards in the water, twist gently with a pool noodle, lift my arm up and down using a paddle, do some embarrassing humping exercises and float in the deep end with a gimpy little floaty ring. No fun-time or spa for me. But I did feel quite good afterwards and went for a walk around the block when I got home.

I went to my session last Monday but we got kicked out of the pool about 10 minutes into the lesson due to an large amount of unsavoury algae that started to come out of the jets. Eew. So the pool has been closed for a week and two of my hydro session have been cancelled. The pool is now reopened and I was meant to go today but I found a stitch protruding out of my back on the weekend and it seems to be a bit infected (my back is very red and angry around the stitch). What’s the big deal, you say, it is just a stitch. Well, I was only stitched up in the inside with those dissolving stitches. On the outside I got stapled (not much fun getting staples taken out, let me tell you) so this stitch has worked its way out from inside my back and has not dissolved. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get it all sorted out and I have just put a band-aid over it for now. It might not be a big issue but I don’t want to risk getting an infection in my back. I hope you are not eating while you are reading this, or if you are, I hope you have a strong stomach.

I rang up the hospital to let them know about this recent development. The physio said I could make up for the sessions I had missed in November which is fantastic news. Yay for the Australian public health system!

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