24 Oct




Rupert is 10 years old and I have been lucky enough to have him since he was a tiny baby. I bought him at a horrible petshop for $2 where he was suffering from malnutrition, full of worms, anemic from being covered with fleas and just a little bub, far too young to be taken from his mother. This baby photo was taken the day I bought him; he is all wet and gremlin-like because the first thing I did was give him a flea bath (the water ran red with blood from his flea bites). I had to teach him how to use a kitty litter and how to eat from a bowl. Now he is a great sooky cat who loves having his belly rubbed and climbing under the covers with me and warming his freezing cold paws on me. He has the best unimpressed expression I have ever known in an animal, feline or otherwise and dribbles when he purrs. I am undoubtedly his human which is high praise indeed considering how sparingly he gives out his love.

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