What the hell am I doing here?

02 Nov

I decided that today was going to be the day that I finished the seaming on my Go Everywhere, Go With Everything Cardigan from Stitch n Bitch. Additionally, I was hoping to finish my Big Sack Sweater also from Stitch n Bitch. I have gotten as far as I can go on both projects as far as the knitting is concerned for the moment.

I started seaming my Go Everywhere, Go With Everything Cardigan months and months ago but I didn’t finish it because:

a) I had 2nd sleeve-itis

b) what seaming I had done looked bloody awful

So this afternoon I carefully unseamed all that I had previously done (2 side seams, 1 sleeve seam, 1 attached sleeve and both fronts of the cardigan where they are sewn to the back) and I now have 5 separate pieces again….grrr. Right, well now I am back to where I started but with no end in sight.


The problem is I have no idea how to sew it together so it looks nice.  Usually I can follow instruction well enough but I must be doing something wrong for it to look so cruddy. Stitch n Bitch recommends that you don’tblock until you have finished seaming but I think I need to block the separate pieces before I start sewing, especially as both my sleeve caps are smaller than the sleeve hole (I don’t even know if I am using the correct terminology). I have never even blocked anything before.

I have the exact same issues facing me with the Big Sack Sweater plus niether the book nor the pattern explain what stitch I should use for attaching a raglan sleeve and I have already sewn and ripped. The only seaming and knitting resources I own are the Stitch n Bitch &  Stitch n Bitch Nation books. Should I block before or after seaming? Should I expect it to look crappy even if I use the right techniques because I am a beginner knitter? Do I use a mixture of grafting and mattress for raglan? Should I just wait until I have more knitting resource literature?


I can’t afford new books/mags at the moment, I can’t get to my knitting group because of my back  and I can’t figure out what the hell I should do!!! I taught myself all I know about knitting and craft from few books I own and the internet (plus a few pointers from my cousin, Christine). I was sure that I would be able to figure it out as I have done for most of the other crafty stuff I made but seaming/sewing nice and neat are seemingly beyond my abilities.

These WIPs are so near yet so far from being FOs. I guess I will just have to be satisfied with hours and hours of research on http://www.  Oh, what I would give for a knitting genie who could show me the ropes, or even better, sew the bloody things up for me.

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Posted by on November 2, 2006 in Knitting, WIPs


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