15 Nov

Jeff Callaghan from the weather bureau says it was a rare, but extreme occurrence. “It’s called a super cell on the worst end of the severe storm scale, so we are very lucky that it didn’t form a tornado,” he said.

The above was cut & pasted from the abc online news service.

Brisbane, esp the inner-city Northern areas (where I live, incidentally) had a very localized storm a this afternoon. Thunder, lightening, hail, monsoonal rain, strong winds and all the rest of it. I was scared that this great big palm tree, that someone very stupidly planted right next to our flat and car space, was going to fall on the flat or on my beautiful little car. Neither did happen but my car’s paint work got a bit chipped in a few places from the hail.

The great big fkn palm tree in my driveway.

Disaster strikes! The view from across the street.

Across the street and 1 house down – a bit more serious.

Ashgrove, 1 suburb over from mine.

These poor people were chopping up the tree into little bit with hand saws.

I decided to go for a drive to my LYS, Threads And More, after the storm because we had no power (any excuse really). Also the weather had turned so steamy and humid after the storm it was almost unbearable, so a drive in my air-conned car to an air-conned shop seemed in order. Bad idea. None of the 20 or so sets of lights in between my flat and my LYS were working. Some had cops at them, directing traffic, but most were a bit chaotic. There were branches crushing cars, some houses and powerlines, emergency services everywhere and helicopters flying everywhere.

I haven’t heard any news reports that anyone has been hurt but that is not surprising seeing as how I only got the power back on a few minutes ago. I hope everyone was safe and that no animals were hurt – a lot of dogs get frantic during storms and because this one happened during the day, their owners might have been at work.

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