Midwest Moonlight WIP

28 Nov

I finally got a copy of Scarf Style by Pam Allen just coz I like following the herd<<< not true. This reminds me – I have noticed something weird going on with my behaviour lately. I normally have a deep yearning to be the black sheep in any given flock, to the point where I will stop listening to, wearing and going to anything that becomes poopular (not a typo) and common.

But I behave in the exact opposite way to this when it comes to knitting. I trust knitters and their trends. I like what most other knitterslike and I am not afraid of not standing out. Maybe it is a confidence thing. My knitting skillz are rudimentary at best, childlike at worst and as such I don’t particularly want to single myself out. Although that last sentence is in direct conflict to the fact that I have a knitting blog and have put my knitting and learning experiences online for the whole world to see. Methinks this requires more pondering.

I have been staring wistfully at a few of the projects when it occurred to me that by a great coincidence a good friend of mine, a great friend in fact…oh, who am I kidding…she is one of my best mates in the world (we have matching tattoos) is visiting from Canada in just over a week and I promised her a scarf to take back to Vancouver. Hi, R!

After much deliberation I chose the Midwest Moonlight scarf. Her favourite colour is blue which looks fantastic on her as she has these amazing blue eyes and lovely skin. I am making the scarf in Cleckheaton “Country Silk” blue. I can’t stop knitting with this stuff – it is not the softest yarn in the world but it drapes so perfectly and the flecks of silk are like knitting with yarn strewn with fluffy clouds.


This is a rather inaccurate representation of the actual colour. Plus, this is my first ever attempt at anything remotely lacy so yay for me. I like this lace – in the book they refer to it as feminine but I don’t think it is particularly feminine.


This is a more accurate depiction of the colour of the yarn but still not quite spot on.

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Posted by on November 28, 2006 in Knitting, WIPs


One response to “Midwest Moonlight WIP

  1. Miss_Vicki

    December 8, 2006 at 7:32 pm

    That is a really wonderful pattern Crow Jane. Great choice!


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