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Gimme Shelter


On Saturday myself and a few friends went to a viewing of The Rolling Stones music documentary, Gimme Shleter which shows The Rolling Stones on tour in the USA and ends with the disastorous Altamont Free Concert. It was hosted by Sam Cutler who was the The Rolling Stones tour manager for this particular tour.

I grew up with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Queen, to name but a few. I think I was about 8 0r 9 before I realised that Mother’s Little Helper, Lucy In The Sky and Little Red Rooster weren’t nursery rhymes.

I had never seen Gimme Shelter before, nor was I aware of what the documentary was about. It is a very powerful and sad portrayal of a piece of our music history. I was absolutely blown-away by the film and was grateful to have someone who was there during the making of the documentary to debrief with after viewing the film. We got to ask Sam whatever we wanted after the movie.


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I adopted Indiana at the beginning of April from the RSPCA. He is an 18 month old Balinese X who was abused and neglected by his previous owners. Eventually, Indy found his way to the RSPCA Fairfield shelter were I do volunteer work in the call centre. A couple of people were interested in him and one even had him on hold but he contracted cat-flu from the shelter (no matter how strict the RSPCA is with hygiene, these sorts of diseases flourish in shelters and pounds because most of the animals that find their way into the shelters and pounds are not vaccinated and are not well-looked after). Suddenly nobody wanted him again. Except for me.

You see, when I adopted a different at the beginning of last year, she was an undiagnosed cat-flu cat. I had no idea she had cat-flu as she was not sneezing, her eyes weren’t weepy, her nose wasn’t runny, no mouth ulcers. I brought her home were she passed on cat-flu to my fully vaccinated Rupert.

So from now on, I should only ever adopt cat-flu kitties for fear of one of my cats passing on the disease to a healthy kitty. Which brings me back to Indy. I had my eye on him from the start because a cat like him stands out in a shelter full of moggies (which I also love). But, alas, as he was perfectly healthy, I could not adopt him. But in a twist of fate, he caught cat-flu and became mine.

The RSPCA insists on property checks and interviews before allowing someone to adopt an animal that is known to have suffered abuse and/or neglect. So after my interview I had to wait a day before I got my property check – I passed both with flying colours. Now, without any further ado, allow me to introduce my wonderful, funny, energetic, boof-headed, beautiful blue-eyed boy, Indy.




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Long Time, No See

Soooo, I’ve been away for a while. Not away from my home, just away from the Internet and away from knitting. I discovered that knitting is just too damn yucky in hot weather, especially Brisbane hot weather – sweaty hands + oppressive heat + lack of air-conditioning and insulation = no knitting. Summer is my beer and PlayStation 2 time. Now the weather is cooling, I am back into the swing of knitting.

Speaking of which – I finished Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style a few weeks ago:




Yarn: Cleackheaton “Country Silk” 85% wool 15% silk
Pattern: Midwest Moonlight – Scarf Style
Yardage: 95M
Needles: 4mm needles

Because I put this project down for a few months, it seemed to take forever to finish. It will soon be on its way across the pacific to Vancouver, just in time for the Northern hemisphere summer. I love this scarf and I am finding it very hard to part with. Again, the yarn is a much richer and deeper blue than these photos will lead you to think. The last photo displays the colour most accurately.

ps: please ignore all the cat hair on the bed in these photos – I do


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Bendigo Woollen Mills




These little beauties arrived in the post today from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Three 200g balls of 100% Alpaca in “Sphere” and two 200g balls of 100% Aran wool in “Woodrose”.

No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t get the camera to truly depict how deep and beautiful the heathered colours of Sphere are. Stormy green and muted blued with a heathered grey – simply gorgeous.

I plan on making Calista’s McQueen Knock-Off with the Sphere and Knitscene’s Tweedy Vest with the Woodrose.

Wish me luck!

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