Gimme Shelter

30 Apr


On Saturday myself and a few friends went to a viewing of The Rolling Stones music documentary, Gimme Shleter which shows The Rolling Stones on tour in the USA and ends with the disastorous Altamont Free Concert. It was hosted by Sam Cutler who was the The Rolling Stones tour manager for this particular tour.

I grew up with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Queen, to name but a few. I think I was about 8 0r 9 before I realised that Mother’s Little Helper, Lucy In The Sky and Little Red Rooster weren’t nursery rhymes.

I had never seen Gimme Shelter before, nor was I aware of what the documentary was about. It is a very powerful and sad portrayal of a piece of our music history. I was absolutely blown-away by the film and was grateful to have someone who was there during the making of the documentary to debrief with after viewing the film. We got to ask Sam whatever we wanted after the movie.


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