23 Jun

My very first Fairisle attempt and I’m doing it with a shiny, splitty yarn that has zero animal fibre content. I’m also altering the pattern, albeit in a minor way, but nonetheless, deviating from a pattern causes me so much anxiety I get sweaty palms, a faster pulse and a huge sense of foreboding. I am not artistic in the least.

I am using Wendy Bernard‘s Tomcat for the body but I have replaced the herringbone fairisle pattern with cats. More specifically, the cats chart used in Veronik Avery‘s  Colette Pullover.

It is made out of Moda Vera Bamboo/Cotton. The above photo is a closer representation of the colours than the picture below. It is a strong purple with softish lime-green cats.

Although the yarn is quite splitty, it is wonderfully soft and has an amazing drape. It is also deceptively heavy. I would use this yarn again, but while the splitiness is very annoying, the end product is beautiful.
















I just have to retrieve the project, knit the sleeves and hope I haven’t put on too mu weight since I first began it, over 3 years ago.

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Posted by on June 23, 2011 in Knitting, WIPs


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