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Yarn: Cleckheaton Bamboo
Purchased: Stich n Time in Canberra
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yardage: 125 meters x 4 skeins used
Needles: 4mm Knit Picks Options

On Ravelery

My Aunty Carol chose the colourway. It is important to me that you know this.

This yarn itself is fabulous (apart from the colour, that is) – silky, smooth, well plied, fantastic drape, gorgeous sheen etc. It is a strange weight, though, as it is not quite fingering and not quite sport. But I hate the colourway.

I had never done drop-stitch before but I really enjoyed the effect, and I think the Cleckheaton Bamboo helped to make this an enjoyable, mindless knit (as long as I ignored the colours). It knit up quite fast, taking only 17 days from start to finish and I was pretty inconsistant with the amount of time I spent on it. I started it on the 10th of March and finished by the 27th.

I watched Star Trek: Deep Space 9 whilst knitting this. I will always associate the show with The Clapotis, just like I associate Star Trek: Voyager with Big Sack Sweater and Doctor Who: Series 2 with Under The Hoodie.

The yarn is sooooooo pastel. I HATE pastel …. urge.. to.. kill.. rising…

There are no photos of me wearing the Clapotis or even having it touch my body. I don’t want any record that I touched yarn that is so saturated with pastelly fugliness. I wish I could have worn surgical gloves while knitting it. Did I mention that I am not fond of pastel, let alone so many different pastels all in the one place?

But my Aunt Carol loves it which is what it is all about, in the end. Love you, Aunt Carol xx

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Skronchable Skarf

This photo is probs the truest to the actual colour of Pearl Ten.

Yarn: MMMalabrigo Merino Worsted Pearl Ten
Purchased: Yarn and Kisses
Pattern: Scrunchable Scarf by Susan McConne
Yardage: 198M
Needles: 6mm Knit Picks Options 

On Ravelery

Hi, my name is CrowJane and I am an addict. It all started a month ago when I received my first shipment of MMMalabrigo Merino Worsted. And I have no intention whatsoever of giving up this addiction. In fact, I have quite the opposite in mind. I’m going to feed the addiction until I have the biggest Mal habit known to Womankind (because I put a capital W in Womankind, Womankind includes the male of the species -just like when someone puts a capital in front of Mankind, women are supposed to feel included – I never do).

I love it. Truly. It is 100% wool and it doesn’t itch. At all. Not even a little bit. Not even when I am think about mosquitoes and fleas and head-lice and midges – it is like a scarf made from Calamine Lotion. Genius. The scarf only took 1 skein and 11 days – and for 6 of those days I was only knitting sporadically as I was on walk-about. 

If you haven’t already – GO BUY YOURSELF SOME MALABRIGO!

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Under The Hoodie Progress Report 4

Yarn: Cleackheaton “Country Silk” Colurways 9 (grey), 7 (deep red/pink) & 2 (soft pink)
Pattern: Under The Hoodie – Stitch n Bitch
Yardage: 95M
Needles: 5mm & 4.5mm 

On Ravelry

it is 2.30 am – I’ll write about this FO at a more decent hour…

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Basic Cable Beanie No 2



Yarn: Noro Silk Garden #8
Pattern: Basic Cable Beanie Stitch n Bitch Nation
Yardage: 100M
Needles: 4.5mm & 5mm circular; 5mm dpns

Not much to report with this very quick knit. The reason why I started knitting it is because I found that I had made a rather ugly mistake in my Calista’s McQueen Knock-Off and needed frog back quite a few rows. In an attempt to keep alive my love of the Calista’s McQueen Knock-Off, I decided to take a deep breath and knit something else for a little while. This Basic Cable Beanie took less than a day and it was a painless and relaxing process knit entirely while watching season 2 of the U.S.A. version of The Office.

The colours, oh the colours! The camera distorts all of the colours quite a lot, even with the flash off (as in these photos). Here is the most accurate photo that I could find on the web courtesy of Theresa at spellingtuesday.


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New FO

My cousin had a baby boy (her 3rd son) on Friday morning. All went well and Mum and Bub were home by Saturday morning. I got to have a big, long cuddle with him on Saturday night. I don’t want to talk about what his parents are naming him…



…. Rafael Dring. So, after much deliberation and because his Mum really didn’t want him to be called Rafael, the baby has been renamed. May I presnt to you Kynan Dring.


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Wicked FO



Yarn: Patons Zhivago 50% Tencel 50% acrylic
Pattern: Wicked – Zephry Style
Yardage: 85M
Needles: 4.5mm circular needles

I tweaked the pattern slightly to make an inbetween size. It still came out a bit too big but I am very happy with the instructions and my Wicked. I am really glad I made it in two-tone… I think it loooks very effective. I also carried the mock-cable to the hem, rather than the seed stitch the pattern calls for. Horray for top-down raglans!



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Long Time, No See

Soooo, I’ve been away for a while. Not away from my home, just away from the Internet and away from knitting. I discovered that knitting is just too damn yucky in hot weather, especially Brisbane hot weather – sweaty hands + oppressive heat + lack of air-conditioning and insulation = no knitting. Summer is my beer and PlayStation 2 time. Now the weather is cooling, I am back into the swing of knitting.

Speaking of which – I finished Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style a few weeks ago:




Yarn: Cleackheaton “Country Silk” 85% wool 15% silk
Pattern: Midwest Moonlight – Scarf Style
Yardage: 95M
Needles: 4mm needles

Because I put this project down for a few months, it seemed to take forever to finish. It will soon be on its way across the pacific to Vancouver, just in time for the Northern hemisphere summer. I love this scarf and I am finding it very hard to part with. Again, the yarn is a much richer and deeper blue than these photos will lead you to think. The last photo displays the colour most accurately.

ps: please ignore all the cat hair on the bed in these photos – I do


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