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Roll-Your-Own Needle Case





This is my version of the Roll-Your-Own Needle Case from Stitch ‘N Bitch. First let me say this – IT IS HUGE!!! I bought the fabric online from Reprodepot Fabrics. They were all on sale. Now pastels and kitcsh aren’t usually my thing (in fact, I was tossing up between this fabric combintaion and an assortment of deep reds, purples and greens) but I decided that a change is as good as a holiday (which is just as well, because I haven’t been on a holiday since 1986!!). Fee, the founder of our local Brisbane SnB, helped with everything because I had no idea what I was doing, but I think it turned out pretty sweet regardless. Thanks Fee.


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I heart Triceratops


I desperately needed a new bag but as I am just a babe when it comes to sewing (or knitting for that matter) I was feeling rather overwhelmed by most of the bag sewing patterns I could find. That is until I found across this pattern for the “Easy Peasy Tote” on Craftster. I altered the pattern to make it a messenger bag rather than a tote and found a tricertops picture which I tweaked a little as well before printing it on to an ink-jet transfer. The bag is made from light-weight black denim and some red patterned cotton and it also looks much better IRL than in this photo. Trust me.

Important things I learnt during the making of this bag:

  • Always iron the material flat before using the iron-on interfacing
  • Sew on button, zips or snaps before finishing the bag
  • Don’t sew after 2.30am – you will make mistakes and lots of them

I would do lots different if I had to do it again, but as I am learning this whole crafting thing solo with naught but the internet to guide me, I am bound to make a few stuff-ups.


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This little guy is probably my favouritest thing I have ever made ever. I used this pattern which I found after a long and exhaustive Googling session. He came into existance during The Hobbit swap on Craftster


I started out by hand-sewing which was unfun because it took, like, foreveh. But halfway through the pattern I bought an el cheapo sewing machine and consequently he progressed a lot faster. Thank god, because I was about to scrap the whole idea.  But I am very glad I didn’t because I would never have met this little fella:


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